How a PDF-locked Newscaster press release rapidly boosts patient recruitment

At TrialWire we know that press releases work for recruitment because we have written and distributed - and tracked results - for more than 2,000. Plus our Sponsors and Clinics tell us they work.

Using Google Analytics and link tracking we can see instantly when people are clicking on links in these press releases and coming to the Clinics/Sites, call centres or Study websites.

We call or press release product Newscaster. It's the advanced patient recruitment solution that posts your EC or IRB approved Study press release in online news as a locked PDF (secure) with embedded links to contact the Clinics/Sites.

It's a well researched  fact that more than 72% of people will search for health information online - indeed it's often the first place they go about symptoms or a diagnosis. So Newscaster is about getting your Study information in the health news media that people trust.

How it works

  • Newscaster  turns your Study press release into a powerful recruitment tool by getting Study information online in the health news.
  • A Newscaster press release is a well research and clearly written document that details information about the Study and key eligibility criteria in layman's terms.
  • In line with regulations, it's factual and non-marketing, designed purely to inform and screen, then direct the right people to Clinics/Sites.
  • Using the latest tools we can always show how many people are click on the press release for more information or to contact Clinics/Sites.
  • Key to Newscaster's success is the health and lifestyle news media distribution channels we have developed over the past decade.

A recent Newscaster distributed press release delivered a 78.2% increase in people seeking more information about the Study.



The 3-steps to press release driven patient recruitment:

  1. We prepare your Study press release and make all edits as it goes through EC or IRB approval.
  2. Then we send it out on our select online news wires that target your Study patient audience.
    • If you want to also get in the media we can send it to online health and lifestyle bloggers from our extensive media database of more than 46,000 contacts.
  3. Your Study news appears in online news as a locked PDF so patients can instantly contact the Study via the embedded links to a Study website, a call centre, or direct to Clinics. Expect patients within 24 hours.


Newscaster is ideal for tough to recruit clinical trials either at the start of recruitment and Site activation or to recharge a slow moving trial.