Press Release | TrialWire patient recruitment solutions for epilepsy clinical trial

TrialWire patient recruitment solutions were used to successfully recruit for a recent epilepsy study.

The Sponsor engaged TrialWire for the full suite of services including Google Adwords, news article placement, Newscaster, Facebook campaigns, radio, print advertising and GP and Specialist referral solutions.

The cost-effective campaign brought patients to the 24x7 Mediscreener online pre-screener where they were directed to Clinics for further screening.

Mediscreener is designed to take the load off Study Coordinators by only referring successfully pre-screened patients to the Clinics.

All activity is closely monitored with tracking (no patient or GP information is ever collected) and Sponsors have a dashboard where they can see click throughs and screener completions and Clinic contacts 24x7.

TrialWire aims to offer multiple touch points for people wanting health solutions who might consider a clinical trial:

  • When people see Study information in multiple media channels there is naturally more trust and more engagement
  • The touch points must be inside trusted media channels for maximum results - this is why news articles offer some of the best engagement results
  • Online is where people are actively searching for or commenting on a TA/condition
  • Social proof, where friends share news about the Study, is perhaps the most powerful
  • People want to know instantly if they might be eligible so an online pre-screener is an essential tool

Try Mediscreener and Site|Connect - fixed fee and unlimited clinics, patients, screener applications and phone calls.