Press Release | TrialWire engaged for osteoarthritis clinical trial patient recruitment

TrialWire recently helped successfully recruit for an osteoarthritis study in Australia.

The Sponsor announced in a recent press release to the global financial market:

"In the double-blind, multi-center trial, 418 patients with osteoarthritis knee pain were screened and the Company has already exceeded the target of randomizing 300 patients."

TrialWire leverages a strong campaign utilising Google Adwords, Newscaster, patient advocacy groups, Facebook and news article placement in key media including The Senior to bring interested people to an online pre-screener. Mediscreener is a 24x7 online screener that doesn't collect any patient data rather it directs successfully pre-screened people to their nearest clinic for further screening.

TrialWire weekly analytics and the Sponsor data dashboard make it easy for Sponsors to see how the study is running and how many people are contacting Clinics at any time. The TrialWire solutions also support Study Coordinators who are typically time poor and so appreciate contact only from people who are pre-screened for core eligibility criteria.

Try Mediscreener and Site|Connect - fixed fee and unlimited clinics, patients, screener applications and phone calls.