Press release | Newscaster’s proven solution delivers 13 new patients for Australian clinical trial

A Newscaster news release this week delivered 13 new patients for a tough to recruit clinical trial in an effort welcomed by the Sponsor.

Newscaster is a cost-effective tool designed to boost clinical trial patient recruitment in just 24 hours by getting Study news in front of people via the non-advertising health news media they trust.How Newscaster works (1)

Newscaster, part of the TrialWire offering by Digital Mantra Group, is a rapid patient recruitment solution which turns a Study news release into a powerful recruitment tool so Sponsors meet LPI timelines. Try it here free 

Newscaster is the ideal alternative to advertising because it delivers unlimited numbers of patients 24x7 for up to 12 months, for an unlimited number of Clinics.

The TrialWire team are health media communications specialists who have worked in patient recruitment since 2001 with leading CROs and biopharma.

They partner with the top trusted online health news distribution services and have written and managed more than 2,000 press releases. Our professionally written press releases get recruitment results within 24 hours.

Newscaster connects a Study with potential patients, and also GPs or specialists for referrals.

Newscaster gets Study information in front of target patient audiences and even includes basic tracking data to show reads and clicks to specific Clinic emails or a Study website.

The Newscaster proprietary mix of targeted news distribution tools gets Study details out into communities that are most eligible for a particular Study, using just an EC or IRB approved press release.

The key to Newscaster’s success is it gets Study news published in the trusted online health news like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Your Newscaster news release can be PDF-locked so only the approved content can be seen and shared, or it can also go out to health bloggers and even journalists on magazines, newspapers, TV and radio to generate additional news coverage.

The Newscaster contacts can include Clinic emails or phone number, a call centre or the Study website link for easy patient access.

Newscaster can even link to an online pre-screener. News release preparation through to approval is also available.

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