Newscaster is the advanced patient recruitment solution that posts your EC or IRB approved Study press release in online health news  - without advertising.

It's a fact that most people search for health information online -  often it's the first place they go for more about symptoms or a diagnosis.

How Newscaster works (1)Newscaster  turns your Study press release into a powerful recruitment tool by getting Study information online in the health news - exactly as it has been approved.

A recent Newscaster distributed press release delivered a 78.2% increase in people seeking more information about the Study.

How does it work?

  1. First we review your EC or IRB approved press release for news value and look at the type of person that would be most eligible for the Study (If you don't have one we can prepare one too!)
  2. Then we send it out on select news wires that target your Study patient audience. If you want to also get in the media we can send it to select online health and lifestyle bloggers from our extensive media database of more than 46,000 contacts.
  3. Your Study news appears in online news so patients can instantly contact the Study via the embedded links to a Study website, a call centre, or direct to Clinics.


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Newscaster is ideal for tough to recruit clinical trials either at the start of recruitment and Site activation or to recharge a slow moving trial.