The clinical trial press release for rapid results

A vital tool in your EC approved recruitment collateral is the press release.

A press release distributed in the right way can get your Study featured in health blogs, newspapers, magazines, radio, and even TV - which all ends up online where people are searching for health solutions.

A real bonus is that it can be PDF-locked so no matter where it appears online, the content can't be changed.

One press release has a multiplier effect going out to sometimes thousands of health media outlets and blogs.

Most importantly they appear on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing within hours of release so when potential patients are searching on your Study TA your press release will appear in the search results complete with links to the Study website or Clinic phone numbers and emails.

At TrialWire we manage the distribution of Study press releases so your news gets out into the trusted health news fast.

Plus our fee is a fraction of the cost of an advertisement, and we all know people trust news over an advert every time so are more likely to take action and contact a Clinic.