Interviews with Principal Investigators

Most journalists or bloggers will want to interview a Principal Investigator (PI) for their story. Indeed getting a PI featured in the news story will add credibility to the story and the Study in the eyes of potential patients.

They will either ask for a PI at a Clinic local to their media circulation or they may want a well known professor in the sectors especially if it is a national media outlet.

media interview, principal investigator

Most journalists will want to interview a PI on the Study.

Most PIs are familiar with this sort of media request and will usually make time on the phone for an interview.

Remember, the first thing to ask is what is the journalist's deadline so you can make sure the interview is booked in time.

Most PIs are extremely busy so letting them know the deadline will help them plan a time.

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How to manage a media interview with a Principal Investigator

At TrialWire we coordinate with the journalist and the PI and book a time for the call.

If we can share some of the questions the journalist will ask it makes it a more informed interview. We also send a bio or weblink to the PIs qualifications/background etc.

PIs know that they can't discuss details about the Study or expected finding etc. A top level overview about what the Study is looking at treating and some background on the research is ideal.

They can and should however go into detail about eligibility criteria so only potentially eligible people contact the Study from the news article.


We always encourage PIs to mention in the interview the Study website link or call centre or Clinic phone number which will remind the journalist to include it in the story.