Successful editors have their target audience in mind at all times.

They ensure their journalists and bloggers know exactly who they are publishing news for so the content always appeals to their target audience.

So if you want to quickly and easily reach your Study ideal patient, pitch your Study news story to a media outlet with the right target audience.

For example pitching Men's Health magazine for a story about a Study on male sweat issues or a women's health section in a newspaper that covers a number of Site locations, about a menopause Study is clearly.

So always look at who the media's audience is before considering pitching your Study story.

Know your Study Patient Persona

At TrialWire we always start with Study Patient Persona.

It's the first thing we do on any Study. We develop a clear picture of who we need to talk to or reach via the media to drive recruitment. We use eligibility critera and Clinic locations to determine the Patient Persona.

Once we have that we match it with the right media outlet.

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