How to reach health journalists and bloggers

One of the best ways to boost patient recruitment is to get your clinical trial featured in the media people trust for information about health.

Being featured in the news media, like newspapers, magazines, blogs, radio and TV, communicates with and informs your target patient audience. News media is high-trust and is regarded better value than advertising because it's infinitely more powerful and credible.

Finding people via the media is the key to rapid patient recruitment

The power of a press release

Using a press release to send to journalists and bloggers is the fastest way to get your Study in the media.

When a journalist calls for more information or to interview someone you can suggest your PI for an interview.

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At TrialWire we manage all media interactions and coordinate media with PIs and support PIs on how to conduct their best media interview with pre-briefings and news hooks. Click here to find out more about NewsCaster our advanced press release distribution service for clinical trial patient recruitment.

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