What makes your Study stand out as newsworthy?

If you want to get the news out about your Study try and find a "news hook".

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News discovery will help you target the right potential patient - for example an article in a women's magazine about a women's health Study is going to engage your target patient audience.

A news hook is simply something that is new and different about your Study that will get health journalists or bloggers interested in finding out more.

Match this with the type of person you want to contact the Study - the Patient Persona.

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Consider sending out a press release

Most clinical trials now have an EC approved press release that each Clinic can send to local media, GPs, and TA associations.

A press release is a great way to get your PI interviewed and get free publicity about your Study in the local media.

During the interview your PI can talk about the "news hook" around the Study to expand understanding and interest in the research.

Consider the following checklist to find your news:

  1. Does the condition affect a lot of people?
  2. Is the condition on the increase?
  3. Does the condition affect a specific population or age group?
  4. Does the research involve a novel solution?
  5. Does the research involve existing treatment but is being applied to this condition?
  6. Is there a new theory around the cause of the condition?
  7. Is there a world leading PI involved in the Study?