How to engage on Social Media

Social media should be used to amplify news wins about a Study to support patient recruitment

At TrialWire we see the power of social media to connect with and inform people who are desperate for information about their condition. That's why we always share on social media the news articles we get in newspapers, TV, radio, magazines and online.

The problem seems to be people can't trust much on the internet, so news articles and social feeds become high trust sources for information about health.

So what we are doing is delivering trusted health information (news articles) via a trusted news source (social media) to support patient recruitment.

When people see on their social media feeds a shared news article from a friend, that came from a trusted media outlet by a journalist or blogger quoting a PI and a patient with the condition -  it ticks all the trust boxes.

So what does success look like in social media?

The big indicator of a successful social media campaign on channels like Facebook, is number of Shares.

For example if one person with the condition who has say 200 friends on Facebook Shares your news article post it goes to all of them. And chances are their friends may have similar conditions - given conditions are related to demographics, socioeconomics etc.

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The other one to watch is comments

At TrialWire we moderate all the comments - for obvious reasons - but if most of your comments say things like this below you are doing well!

The power of social media for patient recruitment