A new smarter way of solving patient recruitment

CROs and Sponsors are usually familiar with how patient recruitment advertising, flyers, posters and email marketing work (or don't as the case may be) to attract patients to a Study.

News Media Recruitment is a new approach that leverages the trust and credibility that journalists and health bloggers offer.

It's well known that people trust a news article by a journalist more than a paid advertisement. We all do it - ignore an advert but read an article or listen/watch the news.

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Indeed in the media/public relations business a news article typically garners 4-5x the dollar value of an equivalent paid advertisement.

So if an advert would have costed $50,000 the value of a news article of the same size and position would be more than $200,000. This demonstrates the value of the credibility and trust a news article offers.

So how can you get a news story prepared by a journalist that recruits the right patients?

News Media Recruitment - the 4-step process:

  1. Identify a media outlet that based on their audience data matches the type of patients you want for your Study - location, age, health status etc.
  2. Pitch the health or lifestyle journalist the Study story with all the eligibility criteria, the facts around the TA, how many people have it,  if it's on the increase etc, symptoms and current treatments, and offer a PI and a patient (not in the Study) for comment and photographs.
  3. Work with the journalist to massage the news story providing any additional information they might need and coordinating the PI and patient etc. Even bring in TA associations for comment.
  4. When the news story is about to be published advise all the Clinics so they are ready to take calls and emails. Make sure the Study website link or the Clinic contact details are included in the news article so potential patients can contact the Study. Journalists will be pleased you reminded them otherwise people will be calling the journalist or media company reception.

All news stories end up online so the link to the Study or email contacts for the Clinics will make it easy for people to find out more.

Here is an example of a news article TrialWire initiated (see online article here)

News Media Patient Recruitment for Crohn's DiseaseNews Media Patient Recruitment for Crohn's Disease  News Media Patient Recruitment for Crohn's Disease