How to get more clinical trial referrals from GPs and specialists

Having a strong GP and specialist referral network for your clinical trial is one of the best ways to rapidly boost patient recruitment. However one of the problems is getting the message to them about the Study and the eligibility criteria so they can refer the right people.

Get more clinical trial referrals from GPs and SpecialistsBoost referrals by getting your Study news in the media trusted by GPs and specialists for medical information.

The TrialWire media team gets Study press releases and news features about a particular Study in the medical industry media. This includes publications, journals and online sties as well as association websites and e-newsletters.

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Engaging specialists via conferences

TrialWire also engages specialists via TA related medical/industry conferences.

We work with the conference PR teams to feature news stories about a particular Study on the conference website, e-newsletters and direct communication with attendees so the Study gets maximum awareness among the target referral audience.


TrialWire uses a proven two pronged approach to deliver rapid patient recruitment:

  1. informing potential participants direct via the consumer health and lifestyle media
  2. informing GPs and specialists via their trusted medical news media for patient referrals