After working on more than 82 clinical trial recruitment programs we know why clinical trials consistently fail to recruit enough patients.

It's because potential patients get lost in the void between recruitment marketing, and connecting with the Site Study Coordinator (SC).

The most sophisticated and expensive marketing programs with print adverts, radio adverts, Google AdWords, Facebook advertising, database outreach and news features will simply be a waste of money unless this gap is closed.

There are some key reasons thousands of semi-eligible patients fall into this gap or void where they miss out on talking to an SC and take the next step to screening and enrollment:

  • SCs are busy with existing patients and often multiple clinical trials
  • SCs often only work part time
  • SCs are often hard to reach with patients having to navigate hospital switchboards and then voicemails
  • SCs often only mention their name and not the Study on their voicemail making it confusing for patient callers
  • Patients often don't want to leave voice mails
  • SCs voicemails fill up quickly making it impossible for patients to leave messages
  • Most patients call a Study after hours which means voicemail again

At TrialWire we have developed a system that closes the gap. Our solution has been perfected over many years and utilises the latest in communications technology.

  1. First, we recommend directing all recruitment marketing to an online pre-screener (Mediscreener) to determine who might be eligible
  2. Then we recommend connecting these high-value, semi-screened and potentially eligible patients to SCs via Site|Connect, a real person reception service that answers with the Study name (reassurance and credibility) and connects the patient with the SC.

If there is a voicemail or the SC isn't available Site|Connect reception can either:

  1. send an email to the SC with an alert to contact the patient ASAP
  2. or ask the patient if they would like to leave a voicemail (and transfer the call) or request that they call back later

We regularly achieve an enrollment conversion rate of 7-16% depending on the Study.

Mediscreener and Site|Connect are fixed fee - unlimited patients, Sites, and calls  - so the cost of enrollment is low.

Try Mediscreener and Site|Connect - fixed fee and unlimited clinics, patients, screener applications and phone calls.