The key ingredients for a top recruiting press release

At TrialWire we have written and distributed more than 2,000 press releases since 2001 so we know what works.

A press release about a clinical trial can be used in many different ways for recruitment. A recent Newscaster press release sent over our specialist news wire partners delivered 13 new patients for a tough to recruit clinical trial which was welcomed by the Sponsor.

We have strict rules about how we prepare a press release because they need to be approved by IRB or EC etc.

These rules include:

  • always be factual
  • non-marketing
  • easy to read
  • include key eligibility criteria so only potentially eligible people contact the Clinics
  • include key exclusion criteria for the same reason
  • include clickable links so people can contact the Clinics, website, call centre etc
  • all clickable links need to be trackable so we can see how many people are engaging (no data recorded other than raw numbers)
  • Sponsor name if possible and which countries the clinical trial is available
  • any back story about the development of the treatment being assessed
  • data about the condition, numbers affected and if it's on the rise, and any interesting facts about the condition
  • our contact so media can contact us for more information

Try a Newscaster clinical trial press release today.