6 ways to quickly boost patient recruitment via GPs, specialists and patient communities

Many Sponsors and CROs get a press release written as part of their clinical trial patient recruitment marketing collateral, but few leverage the full recruitment power. Here are some of the ways to turn a press release into your best recruitment tool. 

Send a press release about your clinical trial to:

  1. GPs and specialistsl via email to encourage referrals (they are more likely to read a press release than the standard clinical trial letter especially if the subject line is the "TA" and "Press Release")
  2. medical media for publication so GPs and specialists read it and refer their patients
  3. the general public health and lifestyle media so patient communities read about the Study and contact their nearest Clinic
  4. health industry organisations that specialise in supporting specific patient communities for use in their enewsletter or website or even database
  5. social media channels related to the medical condition
  6. news wires as a secure PDF-locked press release that can't be changed but has clickable links to Clinics or a Study website etc
If you don't have a press release let us write one for you.
  • From research through to draft and final approval.
  • We can even manage the distribution so your clinical trial press release gets to the right people to boost patient enrollment.
  • We even manage translations. See Sponsor testimonials here.